World Kindness Day

Did you know that World Kindness Day first started in 1998! We are also not the only country that celebrates this day. Canada, Australia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy, India, and the United Kingdom all eventually joined in to celebrate kindness!

Here are a few different ideas on how you can celebrate World Kindness Day while social distancing!

Sidewalk Messages

You can have your kids write fun, inspirational messages on the sidewalk for your neighbors and anyone else to see. This is such a simple way to help brighten up someone’s day

Blessing Bags

Let kids have the opportunity to help the less fortunate and learn to appreciate their blessings at the same time with this activity. Organize some care packages and stow them in your car so you’re ready to help someone in need whenever the occasion arises. Include basics such as a water bottle, soap, sanitary essentials, etc.

Kindness Cards

Honestly a simple note with kind words can really change someone’s day around! I love getting notes from people. For me it really shows that care about me and see my hard work. These are so simple to do and you don’t have to spend any money on this project. You can easily drop these cards off at people’s doorsteps or school. If you are in quarantine or just simply do not want to get out you can send a quick text or video message spreading kind words!

World Kindness Day doesn’t have to include gifts and it doesn’t have to just be to your friends and family. Simply showing kindness to a stranger can go a long way. This could be letting a car merge into traffic in front of you or maybe if you are going through a drive thru you could pay for the person who is behind you’s food or coffee!

How do you plan on celebrating World Kindness Day?

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