What’s the Best Baby Product You Ever Bought?

In my family, we are now a solid four years out from the baby phase. Teddy turned five in November, and at the beginning of this year, we decided to upgrade him to “big boy” furniture. (Which coincidentally, is my childhood bedroom furniture my dad brought out of the attic and on the road all the way from Houston to deliver to us.)

With the transition, I’ve been selling his old stuff. Ironically, the very last thing to go is the very FIRST thing I ever bought him aka “the baby” when I knew I was pregnant. His dresser/changing table.

I have some feelings about it for sure, but I’m also finally ready to move on.

And in doing so, I found myself trying to sell this thing to another new mom, and talking it up about how it’s the perfect height and size and transitions well, and then it all came flooding back and before I knew it I became one of those crazy brand evangelists for Keekaroo.

While so many things about the baby phase have blurred, fogged by the sleepless nights and overwhelm, and I can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars of things were purchased immediately after a particularly rough night of sleep, teething issue, or what have you, I do remember that this dang changing pad was by far the best investment I made over the whole course of Teddy’s baby months.

Seriously, the best thing ever. And no one paid me to say this.

Which got me thinking – those of you parents that are 4+ years out from babyland like me, what stands out to you as THE thing you would recommend to a new or expecting parent? Pass along your advice! <3

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