What Was Your Pandemic Habit?

One day as I was taking a quick minute for myself, I was scrolling social media. I scrolled past many tutorials, history tidbits, and cats terrorizing their owners (I am not a fan of cats but delight in watching their mischievous ways) there was a Buzzfeed video. I missed the beginning but saw the question they asked for others they interviewed. The question was ” What strange habit did you pick up during this pandemic?” One lady said” She had to have dessert always now whenever she ate and another found a passion for creating.

I didn’t even finish the video when it occurred to me. What habit had I picked up? I quickly turned the crockpot on warm and finished another laundry load (yes, been in the dryer for 2 days, but I digress). I thought long and hard about what was my habit. I turned on the TV to watch Love Boat and laughed at the antics of the passengers it hit me.

I found comfort in all things that made my childhood fun and exciting. I noticed that my child who was remote all year would ask, “Hey when are we gonna play jacks again or when can I watch Zoom (it came on PBS in the 2000s)?”

This year we played records and I help her perfect her inner Cyndi Lauper. I taught her how to bird-watch and what Saturday cartoons were for me every weekend. (You can watch them on Youtube complete with commercials from the 80s or 90s). I noticed that skating was making a comeback, so guess what her dad and I helped her learn. She climbed trees, made a can phone, and even learned to cook “Birds in a nest” (Thanks, Southside Girls Club 80-90s). We even drank out of the promotional glass cups that would come out at Burger King or McDonald’s.

These old-fashioned things helped me stay sane, relive my childhood and reconnect what it was for me with her. I would frequently tell her the stories of my youth and family stories that will have you laughing until you cried (remind me to tell you the time made icebox cookies). I really wanted to show her that even though the world was uncertain right now, it was a time to learn about one another.

Now that we are heading back to normalcy, it is time to get out again and make more new memories. I know she is ready to see her friends and to be a kid again amongst her friends. I wouldn’t change a thing about this habit, however, when your child asks for a toy from the 80s, 90s , 2000s make sure your budget can handle it! (Old-school Barbie furniture, original pound puppies, and the Michael Jackson Thriller doll was expensive! www.shopgoodwill.com was a saver! No more toy commercials from any era for this household!)

So, now of course I’m curious – what was your habit?

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