Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Things that happened this weekend:

ONE: I cheated on my diet.

On day 10 (and 11) of my diet. I cheated with Whataburger because I love me some Whataburger and it had been a very long day (see number 3) and I didn’t feel like cooking. But I’m back on the wagon and telling myself that it’s not about one day but a collection of days headed in the right direction that matter. (Question: What do YOU do to get back on track?!?!)

TWO: We hit a new toddler milestone.

Unfortunately that milestone was called “First Time Projectile Vomiting In A Very Public Space.” Lol. (Note: I will not say WHERE to protect the names of the innocent.) The reason? Confirmed lactose intolerance and a Whataburger kid’s meal container of whole chocolate milk. Because karma works that way. Also, he threw up all over my husband, who fed him the chocolate milk despite my suspicions of lactose intolerance. I’m thanking karma in an un-sarcastic way for THAT one.

THREE: We got rid of baby stuff.

Before yesterday, there were over 10 boxes of baby clothes and accessories in our attic. Mostly because I’ve very much wanted to avoid the question of “will there and when will there be a second child?” and because I’ve pretty much convinced myself that getting rid of any baby supplies would jinx us into accidental baby number two.

But our house is not that big, and things were getting out of control. (See: Gratuitous sharing of cute baby photo to explain the “too much stuff” – yes, we went home with that stuffed octopus.)

Since we pretty much settled on “not for at least a few more years, if at all” on the answer to that BIG question, we took the plunge and began the purge. We painstakingly went through everything and set aside two plastic tubs for keepsakes and gender-neutral items, and catalogued the rest for selling/giving to friends.

HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS? I was pretty strong and only teared up about once (okay, three times) during the whole ordeal. Even if your plan is to be done having kids, I don’t know how you do this. Seriously, I’m curious. Have YOU gotten rid of old baby stuff? What prompted you to make the decision to let go? What did you decide to do with all the stuff? What made you feel at peace with letting go? (I know some of this is deeply personal, but share what you feel comfortable sharing!)

Luckily, we have a (adult) nephew who is having a new baby in September, so a lot of the stuff we were able to pass on and feel good about paying something forward. But since they are having a girl, that excluded a lot of items. So right now our entire guest room is just boxes of baby stuff we will attempt to sell, give away or donate (in that order). I’ll admit, when you go through all that stuff it really gives you perspective on just how much money you spend that first year, and selfishly, I’d like to recoup a little of that. Not sure money really compensates for the letting go, but it helps? Then I can use it to get Teddy new things for the next chapter of our lives together.

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One thought on “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

  1. I am still not ready to part with anything yet, and I cry when inbox up his clothes that are too small. Sooo I am no help! But I would like to get some money when I am ready to part with his baby stuff.