The Diet That Wasn’t.

There’s a reason you haven’t heard an update on my recent diet/lifestyle change/weight-loss journey proclamation.

That’s because, after two weeks of vigilant calorie-county and carb-cutting, I fell swiftly off the wagon and back into my old ways. To date, it’s been about two months and I’ve lost a whopping FOUR pounds. This was not exactly the plan.


Using My Fit Bit To Measure Complacency, Rather Than Drive Success.

I have the same exact problem with our family budget, to be honest. The truth is, just because you are measuring something, doesn’t mean you are doing a better job at it. Ever since my hubs and I took Financial Peace University together, we’ve been tracking our spending and dragging it into categories using It’s a fantastic tool. The problem is, we just continue to go over the budget. We can now see much clearer how MUCH we are going over budget, but the act of measuring has yet to change our behavior. Same with the Fit Bit – I celebrate the days I hit my 10,000 steps, but do I do anything extra to reach my goals on the days I fall short? NOPE.


Rewarding Myself With Food.

I work hard, I volunteer a lot of my time, I have a toddler that is bringing me to brink of sanity every day, especially in the morning when he likes to scream while clinging to my leg as I get ready for work. I DESERVE A TREAT, DANGIT! Does that always have to be cookie dough? Probably not. (Although I have yet to find something that is nearly as good. Haha.)

(Still!) Making Excuses.

At approximately the two week mark of my diet, I sprained my ankle and needed crutches. Then a week later my father in law passed away suddenly and we took an emergency trip to Austin to be with family. Then a couple weeks later, Hurricane Harvey hit my hometown and I spent multiple days watching The Weather Channel while intermittently crying over ice cream. Then, when I felt sure my family was safe, Teddy stopped sleeping through the night and started having two-nager tantrums about nothing. Events like this are things I just loooove to site as reasons I didn’t follow my diet plan. I only have so much mental toughness to go around!


Starting To Exercise (Very Slowly).

I need more energy like YESTERDAY. Part of the reason I don’t meal prep and make healthy choices is because I am always SO VERY TIRED when I do have a spare moment. I originally said I was going to focus on healthy eating, THEN work on exercise. I’m now rethinking this approach. Maybe the exercise will give me more energy, and motivate me not to eat back the calories I worked so hard to burn. This past Sunday I went on a six-mile bike ride with a very good friend that has been encouraging me, and I am going to try very hard to make that a habit.

Not Giving Up Hope.

I have a real problem with working towards healthy living because I have this terrible mentality that says, “Well, you’ve RUINED it.” any time I eat something I shouldn’t. And I shut down, and go back to my old ways. I see myself doing it, and I am trying very hard to fight that mentality. I’ll be 32 years old next week, and while that feels REALLY STINKIN’ OLD to my former self and the part of me that wants to be 23 forever, it’s WAY too young to give up on any aspect of my life – any goal – any anything – I want to achieve. I’m so driven in other areas of my life, I just need to refocus some of that drive.

So there you have it. The weight loss update. Please continue to send me your encouragement, ideas, prayers, etc. I have a feeling this going to be a veryyyyyy long road.

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