Summer Scares Me

In my last blog post, I detailed how much I love being a stay at home mom. Well, here’s a confession: two of my three kids go to school most of the day, so I have it almost easy. The truth is that summer time kind of scares me. Having all three kids home, all day, makes me nervous. Anybody else? Well, the good news is that at least we (stay at home parents) get to make all the rules!

My kids are 8, 6, and 4 years old. Even though they are pretty laid-back kids, I know some issues will still come up. I KNOW I’m not the only mom who is haunted by the phrase, “I’m so bored, mom.” I make a lot of rules during school breaks, which totally kills my cool mom vibe. These rules might seem a little silly, but they are a must for my sanity.

1. One cup per child per day.

I know, even reading that makes me feel a little crazy. But when the kids are home all day, there are cups everywhere! Did you see the movie Signs where the cute little boy takes one sip of water and sets the cup down? That’s my house. Obviously, I don’t make them use the same cup for a bunch of different kinds of drinks, but its mostly just water around here. I’m even considering getting disposable cups that I can write their names on each day.

2. Quiet time, every single day.

My kids are a little old for nap time, but I set up quiet time that way. If they are tired, they can fall asleep while lying in bed. Setting aside some time to decompress during the afternoon is good for everyone. When we get into the routine of a summer schedule, the kids even look forward to having some alone time for themselves.

3. Meal planning.

This is a rule for both me and make the kids. Three meals a day, plus snacks, for three kids really adds up to a lot of food. Part of planning is coming up with foods that they can help me make. Having meal time be an event of the day helps pass the time, teaches responsibility, and (hopefully) prevents grazing.

The most important element in all of this is to be willing to throw out every single one of these rules.

Summer is about relaxing and having fun! Yet another reason I love being a stay at home mom is that I let to get my kids relax, sleep in and enjoy being home all day! If we have a few days where we watch Netflix and eat popsicles all day, that’s totally fine too.

What are some of your summer rules?

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