Summer Memories in Wichita Falls

Growing up in Wichita Falls was so much fun. In the summer, my family and I would enjoy walks in the evening that usually ended up at Kmart (Atwoods now). We would browse a little and if the price was right my mama would buy our dinner at the cafeteria there. The blue plate specials tasted like home-cooking. This was a treat back in the day for us. We would end it with a Slush Puppie drink. It wasn’t unusual to see other family and friends there.

In the mornings we would go to the Southside girls club while our parents worked. That place was so much fun. I loved learning how to sew, play games, form friendships, create or cook. I wasn’t the greatest cook but the junior leaders and teachers help me make things that couldn’t get burnt! (To this day I can fold a mean Bishop’s hat for the table setting, don’t judge me). Everyone was included and you had someone to talk with daily.

I loved the days that we got to go to the Boys Club to swim. (Yes, it wasn’t combined back in the day.) We would load up on the bus on the day that you were assigned. There were lessons and just fun to be had. On the way back you were so hungry that when lunch came you devoured it. When your parents picked you up from the club, you always looked as if you fought a bear or something ( I heard the parents say).

Summer in Wichita Falls was so special and fun. What are your favorite childhood memories of Summer?

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