Remembering 9/11: How we can make Patriots Day matter for our kids

I was in 7th grade when 9/11 happened. Twenty years ago doesn’t seem real. I am adamant about teaching my children how important this day was no matter how small they are. Despite your opinion on how America is doing today, let’s teach them how precious it is to be an American.

One way is we teach our kids about real heroes. About the firefighters, police officers, military, how each of us can be a hero and love our neighbor. Find books, songs to sing, and coloring pages anything they can relate to on their level. One of my favorite books is September 12th.

With it being a Saturday we plan a traditional cookout and just togetherness. You can even use leftover 4th of July things to decorate.

With older children watch things on the History channel. This is one of my big girls’ favorite traditions. Not to be sad, but in remembrance and to show us what we should be grateful for.

How fortunate we live in a country we can remember and celebrate freely. Don’t let this be lost on your children. Let them see the GOOD that is being American.

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