Nature Sun Catcher Craft

Today I choose to slow down, and appreciate the beauty around me. So I sat outside on the back porch which really I don’t  do enough and I just looked around me. Let me tell you it is beautiful. Right now everything is green and vibrant in our backyard. It reminded me of the day I married my husband. (yes we got married in the backyard in front of a plum thicket) And in mid thought and amazement my toddler came running out of the house. He said we H A V E to go pick flowers.

I praise God for the rain that we have received and for making the great outdoors so beautiful.  

Wild flowers are everywhere and my kiddo wants to pick them ALL. So we picked a few flowers and made DIY nature sun catchers with everyday household items.

This how:

We used wild flowers, paper plates, cling wrap, scissors, and glue. First we took a nature walk and collected the perfect flowers and leaves.Nature walk at the pond

Nature walk Wild flowers

Then we returned the house to complete our ‘project’.

Cut out the middle of the paper plates…

Apply Press’n Seal to backside of plates, cut off excess, and reinforce the press n seal to the plate with n seal

Press flowers and leaves into the Press’n Seal:

Place sun catchers in the window sill and enjoy!Nature Sun Catcher

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