March 31: National Prom Day

Did you know that there is a National Prom Day?

I didn’t even know that it existed. As I was reading about the day, it brought back memories of me and my prom years, way back in 19–, yea well those days.


I remember how I was excited just to be asked.  I remember coming home that day and telling my mom. My mom was stoic with her reaction at first and later she was a girlfriend going on the hunt for the perfect dress.  I remember going to the mall and looking around with my mom. As we looked from store to store,  we came to the only conclusion that they all looked the same.


In high school, I was a vintage wearer. I loved to wear period pieces such as old pillbox hats, gloves, or even three-piece suits.  I would rock men’s blazers with buttons or use my earrings as brooches. I loved to stick out.  My mom and I talked it over and thought to look at a resale shop.  If you would have told someone that during my time period, some would look at you strangely. My mom was a single mom. She taught us early on that when you tried on the clothing at a top-notch store that chances are that a few people have tried it on, too, so it is a used article. She told us you do not have to buy trash and she taught us how to look for the best quality at these stores. My mama was a hard-working single parent, so every penny counted. We decided to try the first place that was across the street from my school. Robinson Reusables ( 2158 Ave F, Wichita Falls, Tx, we still continued to use this shop years later) We walked in and they have many name-brand clothing at the time that the kids were wearing at the time, such as, Espirit, Liz Claiborne or Guess. The lady showed us the formal section on oh my it was glorious! My mom and I took our time looking for the perfect dress. We finally found it. It was a spaghetti strap powder blue lace dress with optional sleeves. I was so surprised that my mama liked it! We just oooh and ahhhed. Even the sales lady said it was perfect! We bought it and went to Payless to get my shoes dyed ( yes, I am telling my age) to match the color.


The night of the prom we were so excited. My sisters and my mama helped me great ready. My date arrived and we looked so great! I remember some of my friends on my street were outside taking pictures with their dates. We all yelled how pretty each other looked as our parents with their disposable cameras were clicking away. It was a dream. My date and I left and went to the prom. It was so much fun.


National Prom Day is March 31st. It is supported by an organization called SADD, which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions, in 2016. This organization focuses on many issues that young teens face such as bullying, shaming, violence, suicide, and more.  There are even organizations that help teens who need help going to prom and the expenses to cover it. The organizations are the Glass Slipper ProjectProm National Network, and Becca’s Closet.  People can even donate money or clothing.


 I loved my many experiences going to Prom. If you are willing, share your prom pictures so I am not the only one:)

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