My Velcro Child


Oaklee my sweet Kindergartener is Velcro child. Well only in the morning at school in his case. His separation anxiety was especially bad at drop-off time, until we took a few steps to help ease the transition.

How? In short, it was like ripping Velcro apart as fast as I could:

1. Leave Immediately

Do not hang out once your child is their designated drop off place. Give them a kiss and a warm hug before you get to the threshold of the door. Then like Velcro; separate. And DO NOT TURN BACK.

2. Pick your child up at the same time every time

Insert sigh. Sometimes this one is hard with my schedule, but consistency is key to my child’s happiness. And of course, they love the feeling of reuniting.

3. Talk About School

Hype up school. It is a great way to encourage your child if you’re interested about his/her school life with an optimistic attitude, listen to him/her talking about the activities, teachers, and children in school. And if your kiddo doesn’t open up easily check out these great questions to ask them from my previous blog post: More Than a One-Word Answer


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