My New Old Favorite Thing: Lunchbox Notes

I just discovered something that I had but I never used, until now. 

A few years ago, I went junking (my late mother’s word for thrifting) and found a goody bag full of randoms. I saw the cutest erasers that I could use in the classroom, so I bought the bag and took it home.

At home, I took out the erasers and looked at the rest. I saw something else interesting called “Lunchbox love,” positive notes and trivia for the child’s lunch box or backpack. I thought I might use this one day so I kept it.

Fast forward to moving, traveling, my parents moving to heaven, Covid, and finally unpacking a lot of things. I found them. I was so surprised they made it through this journey with me.  My child loves to take her lunch and can be a picky eater. This week I used one and put it in her lunchbox. 

After school, she was so excited to see us. She goes, “Mom, I loved my lunch but that note you left was so awesome sauce.” I said, ” You like it?” She said” Yes! My friends and I talked about it and we talked about how we can be more helpful.” I was surprised.

As we reached home, she said she wanted to learn more about what was on the card and asked for her iPad.  I smiled as she ran to the door without her bookbag, leaving it to me.  So, we will work on the word, “helpful” again.  Check it out. They have a website that you can order from and some more information: You can also find them on Ebay!

FYI: I love the trivia on the cards – I did not know Elephants can’t jump! It never occurred to me!

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