More Than a One Word Answer

I don’t know about your children, but my five-year-old is not really into school. And to get more than one word out of him after the school day has been a work-in-progress.


Every day it’s the same thing. Our conversation always went like this…

Me: How was your day?

Oaklee: Good.

Me:  What was the best part?

Oaklee: The end.


SERIOUSLY! The end is the best part? But this is how it goes Monday through Friday. I remember giving my mother a different response. I used to sing part of a Tim McGraw song,

“But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it,

I try so hard, I can’t rise above it,

Don’t know what it is ’bout that little gal’s lovin’”

But I really DID like it, love it, want some more of it. I really enjoyed school. So much that a popular country song was my response to “how was school?”

So how do I get THAT kind of response out of my kid?

I started asking him the question in different ways like, “What was the best part about lunch?” I’ve seen firsthand how crazy elementary students can get at lunch, there’s always an exciting story. Sure enough, he became all too willing to share all the hilariousness and good that ensued during the day.

I have tried using some of these questions instead of the common, “how was school?”

Some Good Questions to Ask:

  1. Which color crayon or marker did you use the most today?
  2. What was the best part of lunch?
  3. Who did you play with at recess?
  4. What was the simplest part of the day?
  5. Who did you sit with at lunch, what did they eat?
  6. (Use a parent portal to ask a leading question about what was on the teacher’s lesson plans.)
  7. What made you bored today?
  8. Did you help anyone today/did anyone help you out today?
  9. How many stars overall would you rate the day?
  10. If you were the teacher tomorrow, what would you do differently?


Question: Is your child a boy or girl of few words? How do you get more than a one word response?

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