Moms Who Lead: Dr. Dittika Gupta, MSU Associate Professor

Are you a native of Wichita Falls?

Not a native of Wichita Falls. I did my PhD from Baylor University and came to Wichita Falls 6 years ago when I was hired as an Assistant Professor at MSU in West College of Education.

What is your job in Wichita Falls and when did you know it was right for you?

Currently I am Associate Professor at the College of Education at Midwestern State University. I tried to go the medical way and even engineering but there was just a pull for teaching that I could not resist. Its like this profession has just always called me and I know I am happy doing this.

Do you have tips on how to balance your career and motherhood?

That is hard!!! I believe in quality over quantity always so when I am with kids, I try to not just be present but also present fully! Try to keep my Saturday just for kids and take it a day at a time! It takes time management and working some late nights but I believe its all worth it!

What inspires you the most?

This is a tough question. There isn’t one thing. If I had to pick, I would say teaching inspires me the most. The fact that I learn from every experience, meeting ever new person/student, interacting with them, reflecting and growing is most rewarding. I love it when my I observe my students teaching and seeing them implement what we learn with children’s. This passion for teaching and being able to share it inspires me the most. Love it when my college students I have great co-workers and colleagues here in Wichita Falls and outside that I continuously collaborate and learn. I also have to say that my mom inspires me because  she has always supported me and continues to support me in whatever I do.

What is the most challenging aspect of motherhood?

Balancing work and home. Everyday is a learning experience both at work and with my kids. We don’t have family in town or even nearby and sometimes that makes it very hard but I would not trade it for anything!

What is your favorite memory, in Wichita Falls?

My son Dinkar was born here!!! That would be my most favorite always. He was actually born after I had a miscarriage and so it will always be the most favorite memory of mine in Wichita Falls. However, we keep making memories and growing them in this sweet town! Just a walk around Sikes Lake or roaming downtown or visiting River Bend are all memorable moments. There is so much in this place.

When you want to give up, what do you do to keep going?

That tomorrow will be a new day! Each day comes with a new morning and with a chance for me to change something. So let us seize and keep going!!! Life is beautiful and we should never give up!

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