Lessons from a Dad on Responding to Anger

This video circulated around the internet a few months ago and I loved it. I watched it over and over again and realized this dad did so many things in two minutes.

This dad was teasing his daughter and she got angry. He could have told her to “get over it” or “lighten up.” But here’s what he did instead:

He let her know that anger is okay: “You don’t always have to be happy.”

He let her know that it won’t last forever: “The important thing is to not stay there a long time.”

He let her know that he loves her in all circumstances: “You are still loved and you are still safe.”

He validated her emotion: “It’s okay to be mad at me.”

He showed respect for her feelings: “Now I know, it’s your boundary and I respect it.”

He helped her deal with her anger: “Let’s go on a nice walk. You can run, kick dirt, whatever will help you.”

What’s your biggest takeaway from this video?

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