Kids’ DIY Workshops From Lowe’s & Home Depot

A couple of weekends ago, we struck gold at both Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both stores were passing out FREE kits they usually use at their in-store DIY workshops for kids!

I would say this is a matter of serendipity, but the truth is we visit at LEAST one of these (if not both, multiple times) every single weekend, because 1.) my husband is crazy, and 2.) in January we bought an 80-year-old house, so we are in a constant state of home improvement.

ANYwho, I was super excited about it because Teddy is finally old enough that giving him a hammer is only half terrifying, and he did a really great job building the kits with us. (At four years old, he could not do them unassisted, but this was the perfect stay-at-home, social distanced family friendly activity.)

What’s even cooler, the Lowe’s kit came with safety goggles and a special apron that you can add patches to for each kit completed. The Home Depot kit had something similar with an enamel pin to indicate completion of the firetruck project.

With a little research, I was able to find some upcoming kits they will be passing out as take-home activities in stores soon:

Lowe’s DIY Kids’ Workshop – Upcoming: Bulldozer on Nov. 14

Home Depot Kids Workshop – No upcoming kits for kids, but several virtual DIYs for parents

And I’m already pumped for more, and for Teddy to collect more patches and pins to add to his apron!

Have you done these classes or kits before? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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