Farewell 2020: Reflecting on What Went Right Instead of Wrong

Farewell 2020…

2020 won’t be missed. We were stretched to the limit in all possible ways. Our motto was PIVOT. Please, tell me you know what I am talking about.

Growth comes with discomfort, it is messy, we shed MANY tears and the uncertainty is excruciating but I would like to invite you to do an inventory of what worked in 2020, so we can let it rest in peace. Here is mine:

-We didn’t lose our jobs when so many did. We were able to be safe and warm and extended help to those less fortunate. We found solutions and resources to grant safety to them.

-We noticed the excess around us, and we were able to share our abundance.

-We were able to work from home, and that reduced the commuting time to zero, reducing also the amount of money spent in gas and maintenance.

-Those extra dollars were sent to savings! We WILL travel again!

-We learned to use technology for good, maximizing meetings and keeping track of what needed to be done while we were protecting those we love and care for.

-We almost lost our minds working from home, juggling so many things at the same time, till the invitation to slow down was extended to us. And we accepted it. We slowed down BIG time. We read more books, we had more conversations, we called others, texted, sent letters and cards, we were able to listen to our bodies, we learned to meditate and say better prayers.

-We were able to save in groceries, by using apps and being more intentional about what kind of food we want to eat.

-We supported local businesses in this endeavor.

-We were able to have a deep relationship with UPS, FedEX and Postal Office employees. We know them by first names now. We left some cookies and treats in the mailbox and they love that we care for them, now that they are working more than ever.

-We are smarter with our online shopping. Thank you, Amazon! Your algorithm (aka memory) is helping a lot when we are running on empty.

-We became aware of the other’s needs. We were able to look at the neighbor that may be hungry and be deliberate and generous with our donations to our favorite nonprofits.

-We learned again how to wash our hands and share the universal hate for masks. Even when we dislike something, we are not alone. You know the good thing about masks? We are looking into people’s eyes! We want so much to connect with them, to let them know we are smiling, even when we are hurting. So, I think masks are just ok.

-Have I shared that I got COVID? Yeah, that was the scariest moment of my year. I lost friends, clients, and coworkers to the virus and I got it. I cried nonstop for two days. But you know, when my husband drove me to the clinic to be tested, I saw nurses dancing in the hallway. They were probably having the hardest day of all hard days, and still had time to dance. 

-To the nurse who came to test me, GOD BLESS YOU. I was so distraught and if you could, you would have hugged me, and for that, I will be forever thankful.

-Who would have thought that sickness would make us sensitive and eager to hug others?

-We celebrated our little one’s first Tooth Fairy’s visit. And the second! She is growing so fast!!!

-Husband is closer to finishing his education.

-We lost some pounds. Maybe you gained some pounds. It does not matter. I hope you are happy to start a new year. I pray that you find joy in writing goals, reviewing those dreams, opening those unfinished project boxes in the attic. 

Go for it! Let’s make this year the best one yet! Cheers to 2021!

See you next time!

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