Day 5, Complete Eating Makeover: Lauren Edition

I’m now on day 5 of the complete eating makeover, and past my first weekend of temptation. I’m proud to say I kept my carbs low, my calories in check, and even rode my bike about 8 miles with a small group of friends.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Women are amazing.

    I had so many people share their stories with me (either on or offline) as a result of my first post.  Literally everyone I know is on this journey, just at various different spots in the road. And each of you is so STRONG and brave for taking it on, whether privately or publicly. Probably more than you give yourself credit for, so give yourself credit!!! 🙂 Many of you told me how brave I was for sharing, which surprised me. It didn’t feel very brave to admit something unbrave I’ve been ignoring for so long. I think the “brave” part for me is the very public commitment to seeing this through. I just keep thinking “I really can’t fail now!” and let everyone (and myself) down. I want more than anything to continue to be an inspiration. But then again, I guess it’s like the whole financial fitness thing – everyone has moments of weakness and setbacks and no one is perfect, so maybe hearing those too will be a good thing?

  2. It’s a mental game.

    I kind of already knew this, but it became that much more obvious as the comments starting to roll in on helpful tips and suggestions on what has worked for you guys. The consensus? No one particular thing. Everyone has a different way of going about it, and really, all (healthy) ways are good. What matters most is keeping your head in the game, and whatever makes that happen, that’s what you should do. (I did, however, take lots of notes and will be trying a lot of them out just like the Fit Bit I already have, so THANK YOU!!!)

  3. Don’t let myself get too hungry or too tired before doing something about a meal.

    It’s the exhausted, emotional-from-low-blood-sugar part of my brain that wants to eat a Nutella and butter sandwich for dinner instead of cook. I can’t let her win. (And yes, I have on many occasions eaten a Nutella and butter sandwich. It’s actually fantastic. Chocolate sprinkles throw it over the top and add a nice crunch. Lol.)

  4. Institute complete avoidance of Guy Fieri and Ina Garten.

    They’re my two favorite. Ina Garten is the super chic, fancy-food spirit animal I WANT to be, and Guy Fieri is my dirty-little-secret, the devil on my shoulder of terrible eating. Both need to go away (for now). Basically, I just need to skip the food channel entirely. I cannot watch this. I am too susceptible and suggestible at this point.

  5. I need to figure out how to balance budget with diet.

    Right now I’m on the “money is no object” grocery shopping plan in an attempt to get healthy things I like. This might be bad. Potentially very bad. But then again, if I don’t go out to eat, it might completely balance out. I’ll check back in with y’all on this at the end of the month.

  6. Fit Bits MIGHT be worth the money.

    I’m REALLY enjoying my new Fit Bit. I mean, it figures that I’m from the generation that just LOVES turning everything into a competitive game, and at least “winning” at this is a whole lot more productive than winning at Candy Crush. I love seeing my step count, and seeing my resting heart rate average (around 80!!!) has given me some extra motivation (and a good dose of fear). It also made me decide to cut back on caffeine, after I initially scratched that from my diet list. Instead, I’m taking a B vitamin complex every morning to see if that helps a little.

Thank you again for all of your words of encouragement as I begin this journey. Your support has brought me to tears a couple of times already, and I am so thankful to NOT be alone on this.

QUESTION: What do you want to hear from me moving forward? Healthy recipes I end of liking? Things I learn along the way? General progress updates? All of the above? Let me know – I don’t want to bore y’all with all the details unless you are interested! 😉

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