Cowboy True: Children’s Poetry Contest

I’m very excited to share this cool (and FREE!) opportunity for kids in our area – all thanks to the awesome people at the Arts Council, and our sponsors at Texoma Community Credit Union.

(Full Disclosure: I work at TCCU and serve as a volunteer Board Member for the nonprofit Arts Council.)

Poetry can be a good way for kids to be able to express themselves in a way they do not normally get to, and this event allows kids to immerse themselves into the cowboy culture and truly appreciate what it is like in the cowboy way of life!

About Cowboy True:

If you do not know what Cowboy True is, their mission is to honor art and beauty of the cowboy’s daily life, and celebrate our regional cultural heritage. They want to celebrate working cowboys and the artwork, and do so by providing exhibits, live music, and activities that are completely FREE to our community. There is also food for purchase and lots of art and handmade goods for sale, all at The Forum March 27-28, 2020.

(Side Note: This year we took Teddy and he had a blast touring the cowboy campsite display and meeting a real longhorn! And we had fun perusing the art and taking in the live music and food!)

Poetry Contest Details:

This years poetry contest is all about reflecting the upon “What does being ‘Cowboy True’ mean to you?”

  • Entry Date: Now until December 31, 2019
  • Eligibility: Children between ages 4-18
  • Categories: Ages 4-9; 9-13; and 14-18
  • Format: Maximum length of 36 lines (any form/any style)
  • Poems can be submitted online by clicking the Poetry Contest link on their website at

Winners will receive savings accounts at TCCU and a donation to that child’s school:

  • 1st place- $100 savings account, $100 school donation
  • 2nd place- $50 savings account, $50 school donation
  • 3rd place- $25 savings account, $25 school donation

More Photos from the 2019 Cowboy True:

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