Challenges to Boost Your Health This Summer

Have you seen the latest summer challenges on social media?

I am currently trying to get fit and take my health seriously (one day at a time). I recently saw some challenges that might interest others to do the same, so I thought I would share!

  1. Ventures Endurance has races of all kinds you and your family can participate in. There are many choices to choose from and some that may be in your choice of city. There is walking, cycling, or running you choose. I am thinking about the Wonder Woman virtual walk run. They also have cool swag bags for you, a group, or for charity.
  2. The American Cancer Society has many challenges for you to try. I have seen the 25 burpees or squats a day on Facebook.
  3. The last challenge is sponsored by No Kid Hungry. This organization helps us understand the impact hunger has on millions of families and children. There are many ways to donate or become an advocate yourself. The No kid Hungry challenge is Walk or Run 31 miles in August.

If you find any good challenges, please let us know – and drop them in the comments. I am down for a great challenge!

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