Bye Bye Binky, Binky Bye Bye!

At the ripe old age of two years and 10 months, we took Teddy to his first ever dentist appointment.

(Yes, the recommended age for a first visit is much younger.)

But the good news is he is brushing his teeth independently at this point, and was old enough to follow instructions and get his teeth cleaned (even though he had to sit in dad’s lap in the dental chair the whole visit.) And thank the heavens he had no cavities.

BUT we did learn his binky addiction has already started to make his teeth move and affect his bridge development, which could result in speech issues as well as cosmetic.

*Insert mom freak out here*

So even though my initial plan was to let him slowly outgrow it, we (okay, mostly I) decided to quit cold turkey that night. We’re now four days “sober” and all seems to be going well, so I thought I would share what we did. I know every kid is different, but maybe this will help some of you going through the same thing:

Teddy’s Two-Step De-Binky-ing Plan:

1. Invoking the Celebrity Endorsement

That night, we watched the Bye, Bye Binky episode on Sesame Street on YouTube and discussed Elmo being a “big boy” and not a baby anymore. Fair Warning: That song is EXTREMELY catchy. Still singing it today.

2. Bribery and Magical Creatures

After hearing Elmo’s personal testimony, we moved on to the most insidious of parenting tricks. We had him place his last couple of remaining binkies in the house into a mixing bowl in the living room, and told him that the “Binky Fairy” would be coming that night to collect his binkies and when he woke up the next morning, there would be a present waiting there for him.

(Luckily, we had a nice stockpile of toys in our guest closet leftover from when Toys R Us closed, so we already had a Magic Tracks kit we’d been saving for his birthday.)

This worked like gangbusters. He was VERY excited about his new car racing set, and when he asked for his morning binky we explained it was either the binky or the car set.

We explained this maybe two or three times that morning, until we got in the car for school and out of reflex he said, “I want my……..water.” Yes, water. That’s what I meant to say. He stopped himself mid-sentence because he didn’t want his Magic Tracks taken away.

Warning Label:

Unanticipated discovery of going binky-free? We unwittingly pulled the stopper on unbridled, unending stream of excited toddler talk. Toddler talk without any regard for volume – both sound and quantity. I seriously had no idea how loud my kid really was until the dam broke.

My hubby put it best – it was like this whole time he was a toy in “Demo” mode – offering short snippets of sound like the Halloween decorations in stores right now. Now we pulled the tab, unleashing his full range of LOUD and there is no. going. back. *lololweeplolol*

At least this will do wonders for his speech development??

Other Ideas:

Balloon Sendoff: Helium ballons tied to a binky + a sendoff ceremony = genius. (There are a bunch of YouTube videos out there showing these.) Downside – littering.

Build A Bear: Instead of placing a heart inside your Build A Bear at the store, place the binky inside and have it stitched up. That way, the binky can still be “with” your child in spirit, and sleep with it at night, but you’re getting away from all the mouth issues the dentist warned us about. (Wish I could take credit for this one, but heard it from a friend and LOVED it!)

Question: What great ideas have you heard for getting rid of binkies? What worked for you? Please leave in the comments!!!


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