Back to School Prep

I wrote this for my blog, MommieVentures, on 07/16/20

I know there is a lot of unknowns as we are, fast, approaching the 2020/2021 school year but some things will never change about getting ready for a new school year. Those are the things I want to share with you about.

I look forward to a new school year every fall!
The smell of a brand new box of crayons.
The start of routine again.
The freshness that seems to walk side by side with the new school year.

I want to encourage you to plan for the new year the best way you can and I think having the basic supplies available is the first step. These are some items that you will probably need to have on hand regardless if you will be homeschooling, public, private, and\or distance learning.

Basic needs:
Filler paper
Graph paper

Now, let’s talk about cost. We all know that buying supplies can add up at the register & quickly! And that number will grow depending on the number of kiddos you are buying for. Let me bring some relief to your bank account with some tips on buying school supplies.
Most of us stick to name brand because that’s what you know and that’s what we are comfortable buying but, that’s not always the best option. I am here again to tell you about the Dollar Tree! Y’all, I will not stop advocating for this store! They have great school products that will last. I have supplies that I bought last year and they are still holding up against my 7 kiddos!
Buy the bulk of your supplies there & yes, they do carry brand name supplies but at a much cheaper cost. The plus side is that if you need to replace or just have extras on hand, they are $1! If you find a better deal than that, please share it with the class!

The above supplies will probably not be everything you need but you can start off with the basics. Start buying now before the shelves are emptied and you aren’t able to find what you need\want! There is only a month left before school starts & to kick off the year right, let’s make sure our kiddos are prepared & you have one less thing to worry about!

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