Adopting A New Dog

I’ll just start with saying commitment scares me, so when it came to getting a new dog it took me about a year to finally commit! I really struggled with decided whether I wanted to adopt or buy a dog, and I am not here to push either way. I am 100% not the kind of person who would ever shame someone for buying over adopting. In the end adoption worked best for my family and what we were looking for.

As much as I had wanted a specific dog I knew I did not want a puppy. I honestly do not have time to fully train a puppy. I looked at multiple shelters and we finally decided we wanted to adopt through Texas Pit Crew. This decision was fairly easy because I love how the dogs are with foster families and already used to being in homes. When I was looking for the perfect addition to my family I was able to message them about finding a dog that could be with other dogs and has been around children (for future purposes haha).

Texas Pit Crews Facebook page was the most helpful place in finding which dog we wanted to meet. They had pictures along with bios about each dog! As soon as I found a dog that I liked and I thought would fit in with our family I filled out an application on their website. I heard back from them soon and messaged them through their Facebook page. It turns out the dog I was looking got adopted right before I sent the application in, but it really worked out in our favor. They helped me find a dog that was perfect!

We met Rita and instantly fell in love! Within a week Rita and first dog Maverick were best friends. Rita is everything I always wanted in a dog! She is so sweet and will cuddle with you all day long. Enjoy all of these sweet pictures of her below!

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