A Little Normalcy…Co-Op Party

We belong to a co-op here in Burk and when things started shutting down in March(ish), so did our co-op. My kiddos were very disappointed and couldn’t wait for us to start meeting again.

Fast forward to this fall & co-op was still canceled 🙁

And then a few months ago one of the leaders started a reading club! My kiddos that were age-eligible were very excited!
It’s been a small group but it’s been so good for them to get together with some familiar faces, interact with them, and break up our schooling routine.

This past Friday was our book club Christmas party! We had an ugly sweater contest, gingerbread & cookie decorating fun, and talked about the latest chapter in the book we are reading.

She won 2nd place for the ugly sweater contest 🥈

I am very thankful for this corner in our lives that, even though looks different, is still the same. I have no idea what 2021 will look like (even though the planner in me wishes I did, ha) but what I do know is that when you surround yourself with a like-minded community, even the different can be comforting.

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