A Few Words For Our Graduates

When May and June hit I am an absolute mess!

I love seeing children and adults graduate. Last year was hard on everybody.  I am so glad that the children and adults showed grit and resilience to overcome these challenges. It was not easy for some that had problems adjusting to isolation, mental health, or limited low resources.  I watched communities band together, educators and parents helping one another overcome obstacles.  This was the village I was used to growing up.

For the children, you did it this year! You adapted to a change in routine that was hard and a bit overwhelming at times. You continued to learn and grow this year.  You either learned remote or face to face or a hybrid of the two. You showed the world that you can do anything! To the graduating Senior, this year took guts.  You managed to push through and get it done. I know it was not the way that you envisioned your last year to be, but you did it.  May this experience help you understand hard times and you can overcome anything.

For the college graduate, traditional or nontraditional, you made it! You followed your passion and your reason for learning. Once a learner always a learner! You inspired us all to continue despite the obstacles you faced. You made it, may your opportunities be abundant!

For graduates that are battling things that are not known, such as addiction, getting out of homelessness, or in programs to become a better person, you have overcome so much. You will make it. One day at a time and one step at a time. You are worthy, you are loved and most of all you will make it!

Congrats to all graduates this year! I would love to see your graduate! Post in the comments!

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