Hygee Life

I am learning a few things during this quarantine and pandemic.

One thing that I am absolutely in love with is “Hygge”.  It is a Danish custom that promotes relaxation, coziness, and all things simple. I know, I know, we do these things mostly in the winter or on occasion.  I have seen some trends of this lifestyle in America; however, this has really hit my heart and soul.

So, why do I like Hygge?( pronounced “Hoo gah”). I love how easy it is to incorporate.  It promotes a calm, for me that I can be one with my thoughts and practice mediation.  It helps me remember how things used to be, such as writing handwritten letters or cards.  Do you remember that feeling of not having instant anything coming at you right now? Remember the warmth of receiving something special ( that isn’t Amazon?)? I am involving my daughter and family this year to send cards or written letters. I feel that we need that again, in an uncertain world. Hygge also embraces warmth. Yes, bring wrapped in love and enjoying the moment. I don’t know about you; I miss hugs like Olaf! I really miss having someone just put their feelings right in a hug. Did you know that hugging releases stress, makes us happier, and strengthens our immune system?

The way that I achieve this is by using many blankets or a weighted blanket when I need one. I sit and drink my green tea while reading a book. Instant Hygge moments. Last, I have incorporated no screen time on Sunday. For starters, I was brought up that way growing up. Sunday was family and worship days. My family would turn off the TV and we had to keep ourselves entertained or not. This was the time that you could work on your hobby, homework, read, play with friends, or listen to Adventures in Odyssey. I will admit, I have been very lax at doing this.  We talked about doing this as a family and taking baby steps.

As I said, Hygge is something that many may have practiced all along. It is time to start this year to reawaken simplicity and togetherness for all year long.  You can find ideas on Pinterest or joining social groups on social media. Believe me, you cannot fail at this, if you try your best. Peace and HYGGE 

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