Youth Recycled Art Contest and Prize Details!

I’m so excited to announce a little project I’ve been working on lately…. and the best part is that your child can win a $250 savings account and a $250 for their school’s art program while having fun making art!


Texoma Community Credit Union (TCCU) and are hosting and sponsoring the first ever Youth Recycled Art Contest, in partnership with the Arts Alive! Home & Garden Festival at the MPEC on February 23 and 24, 2019!

We are calling on all K-12th grade students to create their very own work of art made out of recyclable or reused items. Students can make paintings, collage, sculptures, and more of any size and shape. Get creative! You can make anything you want!

The competition will be separated by two different age groups; K-5th and 6-12th grade. Art work will be exhibited throughout the Home & Garden Show, and will be judged on effective use of recycled/reused items, creativity and overall presentation.

There will be one winner for each of the two age groups. Each winner will receive a $250 savings account at TCCU and their school will also receive a $250 donation from TCCU to be used for their arts program.

(Note: If the winning child is in a homeschool program, the $250 donation would be given to the parent or guardian of the artist in the form of a gift card to Mardel Christian Bookstore, to be used for school supplies.)

More Details?

You can read more here for all the details, and download the entry form here.

Submissions can be brought to either branch of Texoma Community Credit Union between now and Thursday, February 21, or to the MPEC on Friday, February 22 between 3 and 5:30 pm.

Who’s ready to get creative?!??

To get the ideas flowing, we’ve created a Pinterest board of recycled art. Take a look!

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4 thoughts on “Youth Recycled Art Contest and Prize Details!

    1. YES!!! I was meaning to reach out to you! Maybe we can work together on this somehow? Call me when you have a chance? 🙂

  1. Are parents allowed to help put things together? My son is in kindergarden. But may need helpholding and gluing .. and what not?

    1. Yes! And great question. You are definitely allowed to help – especially with the younger kids. The important thing is that it’s their ideas, and they do most of the work. (Like any school project – there is a balance.)

      Hope that helps answer the question!