Yearly Planners Take 2

Here I am again, this time in January, going to talk about goals & planners for the new year!
I know that the consensus is different depending on who you ask but I cannot believe that 2021 is about to move in! I also know that a lot of plans have been moved and\or canceled this past year & most think that having a planner or even a goal is pointless. I am here to tell you that that is NOT the case!

Come along with me for a short trip down “why a planner is useful no matter what” lane!

A planner, whether digital or paper, can help you keep track of so much more than appts and outings.

You can plan:
*water intake
*when to take your medicine
*track any kind of symptoms
*books you are reading
*decluttering\deep cleaning your house
*projects around your house
*your budget
*daily tasks
*Bible reading & study notes
*birthdays & any gifts you’d like to buy for them
*meal planning
*work schedule

Literally, you can keep anything in your life on track and plan! It can help you keep track of any goal that you have and you’ll be able to look back, all in one space, to see your progress! Don’t allow this season in your life to stop YOU from doing what brings joy to your life. Virus or no virus, your life is still moving & a planner can be just the thing you need to not only start but to actually finish!

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