Why I Love A Good Laundry Day!

A lot of my reflections and blogs will be about the season we just came out of and all I have learned on this side of it.

Tuesdays. Not much to them right?

Being a stay at home mom this is my laundry day. I am able to get caught up from the weekend fun in having girls; thinking they need to wear three outfits a day or from the littles getting dirty outside.

Anywho, you get the idea. After trauma, I’ve learned when things are boring, routine, and good; what a BLESSING that is! We sometimes overlook these things in our day to day. I’m learning to NOT. When I can SIT on a Tuesday and fold laundry I know that is a peace that not everyone gets. To be able to just worry about such a small task in the greater scheme of life..WOW!

Right now, I have a crazy toddler that likes to wreck my piles. BUT as I said and will say A LOT, I CHOOSE gratefulness and joy. Especially in the simple and mundane. When I was sick in the hospital (read my previous blog) these are things I LONGED for. Bad times make the good times better right? Living in that season right now.

So thankful!

I wanted to include this recipe for laundry soap that I use from time to time when I try and convince my husband I could totally rock a homestead in Alaska. Until then I will enjoy this sweet, sweet life in Texoma. Be blessed friends!

PS the cost is only 2 cents a load!

Use: 1-2 TBSP per load

This is The Paleo Mom’s Laundry Detergent:

  • 3 cups of washing soda
  • 3 cups of baking soda
  • 3 cups of borax
  • 2 grated bars of soap like Fels Nelpha or Castile
  • 20 drops of ginger
  • 30 drops of Citrus Bliss

Mix it all together in a big bowl and store in a gallon jar.

You can use any essential oils you want. Stick with the cheaper ones since it requires a lot to really smell good. I personally use Doterra because I know that they are safe for every member of my family.

Pics by one of my oily mentors Missy Crocker. She’s amazing!

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