Whoa, Wait. Walmart?

I. 👏 Love. 👏Bargain. 👏 Shopping! 👏

I’m always the person who, when you compliment something I’m wearing, I just can’t WAIT to tell you how little I paid for it, and how you can get it too! (Some probably find this annoying.) And yet, apparently I am not alone.

Because last week I discovered the Instagram account Whoa, Wait. Walmart? and I am utterly obsessed. It’s full of inspiration on all things chic and cheap at the store I love to hate and hate to love.

Recently I found two super cute (plus-size friendly!) dresses for under $25 each, and it just so happens they were featured on their account too! (I knew it, we’re kindred spirits.)

Anyhow, check them out, and see if you can save some money too. Here are some more of my favorites they’ve shared:

PS – If I could add to her list, here’s what I would include from my own recent shopping expeditions! (The lemon wreath is on my front door already!)

And these glitter-ific cups I bought for friends for our recent girls trip:

Then of course I just HAVE to share these, because the concept is absolutely hilarious. Can’t wait for White Elephant gift season. 😉

Got any other great finds for savvy shoppers? Please share them in the comments!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Whoa, Wait. Walmart?

    1. Yay! I know, I LOVE that Mickey shirt but I haven’t seen it in person. Do you remember which location and how long ago you bought it?