We’re Expecting Baby #4!

You know what’s fun? Jokes about parenting. Because every time you hear one, your reaction is, “YUP!” Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians because he is not only hilarious, but relatable.

There is a joke that he tells that has always stuck with me… and maybe haunted me a little bit. (See above.)

As you may have guessed by now, baby number 4 is on the way! I am beyond thrilled and excited to have a new baby in our home! For a long time, I thought I would only have 3 kids and I was okay with that. But hearts were softened, prayers were answered, and we are ready to add to our family.

As excited as I am, I think that is pretty normal to be nervous about having a baby no matter how many are in your family. Number 4 seems extra intimidating to me. The jump from 2 kids to 3 kids was not an easy one. Many of my friends told me that it would be the most difficult transition and it was definitively a challenge.

For those of you who have four or more kids, I would LOVE to hear about your experiences! Please leave comments below and let me know what the transition was like for you!

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