Welcoming Our New Guest Blogger, Laura Ritchie!

Hi, everyone, my name is Laura Ritchie, and I am so excited to join Texoma With Kids as the newest guest blogger!

As parents, we all are bonded over one source of fun, excitement, and stress: children. Reminisce with me, if you will, the moment you first found out you were expecting a child. Perhaps you were terrified, excited, or a little bit nauseous. Perhaps, like me, you were a mixture of all three. Your brain was moving – pedal to the floor – like a speeding anxiety machine: Am I ready for this? What will it be like? Do I have enough money? Who can help? Will I be good enough? What if I screw up and my child never speaks to me?

I love the parenting journey, though it can bring out the best and worst of us. Add on the societal pressures coming from every angle to be the perfect parent who has it all together, and we can quickly run ourselves into a steep-hilled plummet of self-judgment and the failure to measure up.

I see individuals, including parents, at their most vulnerable: in counseling. Sometimes by themselves or bringing the kids in tow, they pile themselves in my office and admit that they need help.

And with the wave of my magic wand, all their problems cease and they go on to be a nauseatingly perfect family.

Only kidding. My wand recently broke and I have another back-ordered on Amazon. 😉

For the time being, I have the privilege of watching families be vulnerable (read: strong) and work with them to change and progress. It’s a wonderful job and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

When I saw the opportunity to reach another audience and share tools I have learned over the years, I dove in with excitement. As a blog contributor, I hope to help readers grow as parents and use snippets they read as a source of encouragement. I can’t wait to get started, which is why I would love for you to answer to this question:

How do you carve out time for yourself during the week? And what do you do? Exercise? Lunch with a friend? Eating your secret stash of chocolate after the kids go to bed? Comment below!

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