We Watch The Movie First

I love to read though I seldom get time for it.  My teen has to read per school requirements, but luckily he has developed a love for it as well.  Thus making it not so much of a chore.  The toddler will sit and let you read to him for about 10 minutes and I give that a mom win because he is a busy, busy-body.  One of the tools I use to get my kiddos to read something specific is TV.  I suck them into the story with the movie or series and then it’s time to read up!  Here’s a few that worked for the whole family.

How to Train Your Dragon Series

Josiah loved this series when he was younger and it all stemmed from the movie.  Here he is donating his collection to our local Baylor County Library.  He was so enthralled with the world Cressida Cowell created that we have many dragon filled spiral notebooks and have purchased companion dragon encyclopedias and etc. This series has a male lead, but there are plenty of female characters to keep the girls tied in.  Especially as you go through the series.

The Princess Bride

Did you even know this was a book?  Well, now you do so go read it because it’s amazing!  I first fell in love with Wesley as Carry Elwes with his bronze hair and debonair mustache.  I know who Andre The Giant is because of this film and was introduced to the magnificent actor Wallace Shawn who gave of the perfect line “Inconceivable!”  When I learned that my favorite movie was a book, I ate it up and it was so satisfying.  The book is WAY better, but the characters are the characters I have loved for many years.  As I play the story out in my mind while turning the pages, it’s like they are having all new adventures.

For the die hard fans – read also “As You Wish” by Carey Elwes.  It’s delicious.


I read a lot of Juvenile/YA Fiction.  It’s my preferred genre.  I also watch a lot of Brenden Fraser because he is my preferred buff actor with a sense of humor.  When I first saw Inkheart (the Movie) I was totally sold, but when I found out the book series is a trilogy and there was much more story to love, I was on thriftbooks.com immediately and ordered them all.  The story is centered around a young girl so this would be a great story for your daughters and it has a strong father-daughter relationship basis that the little girl in all of us loves.  The story is a twist of fairytale and reality and a really enjoyable series to read.

Percy Jackson Series

Rick Riordan is a power house.  Need I say more?  I let the teen watch the first Percy Jackson movie then told him he had to read the book before the next one. It worked and he completed this series.  However, because Rick here is super long winded, I haven’t got him to read another of his series yet, but Si did read a few of the graphic novels.  If you are really committed to growing your library then this is the series for you. This link will let you see ALL the books he has written.  I included this series because I believe this to be one that can be read aloud to your kiddos.  And if you start early enough, you may finish before they graduate!

The movie helps to explain to the younger kids what a minotaur is, a cyclops, things like that and gives them a mental image to draw from.


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