We Love Valentine’s Day!

Who is ready for Valentine’s Day?


I know my family is! When February comes around, our house becomes a maze of hearts, flowers, and everything LOVE! My wife and my 2 daughters have made it a tradition to decorate and put out as much valentine’s décor in the living room as possible…I think they do it to try and make me cringe…but the truth is; I LOVE watching them bond by decorating the house.

My dad heart fills up when I see the joy and excitement of my girls decorating and talking about what they think they will get from dad this year.

Are they spoiled? Yes, all 3 of them are, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The whispers of what type of jewelry they will get or what color flowers will be waiting on the table for them travel through the house… Sometimes I think they do that just so I can get the hint… as if I could forget that Valentine’s day is upon us when I walk through the room decorated from the floor to the ceiling.

What is your favorite part of Valentine’s Day? Do you have any traditions during this time?

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