Watching The Seasons (Of Life) Change

I’m a big fan of the Timehop app. I love seeing the memories, but yesterday’s throwbacks really had to make me laugh. Could these experiences be any more diverse?

2012: I had just moved to Wichita Falls, but was still commuting back and forth to Houston twice a month to see my PR clients. Four years ago, I was sitting in a swanky steakhouse surrounded by cocktails, assisting a photoshoot for my client’s new mixology menu.

2013: I was in Seymour for Ag Day, manning a booth for American Cancer Society volunteer and survivor registration. And I had never been that up close to a tractor in my entire life, so I asked a friend to snap a photo. (That was my “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment 😉 ) I’m pretty sure the locals were laughing at me.

2017: Doing something only a first-time mom would do, and learning the hard way that hangry toddlers and restaurants don’t mix.

Never in my life could I have anticipated such twists and turns and 180’s, but it’s been one awesome ride. This must be why God laughs when you try and tell him your plans.

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