Valentine’s Day Fun + Giving Back

Kiddos making Valentines for their friends!

We have all been there with the class parties, tons of candy, and lots of Valentine’s cards. It can feel like an overwhelming holiday! I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. It can be simple and easy plus you can incorporate giving back to your community at the same time. Let me share with you what my kiddos did two days ago (02/11/20) at their homeschool co-op.

I am a helper in my seven-year-olds co-op class, which is poetry and tea time. Mrs. J reads poetry while the kiddos drink some tea or lemonade and then they play some games related to what she read. Today was a holiday addition and it was all about Valentine’s Day.

Party Time!

Mrs. J read three books:

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose (ouch, thorns!)
That’s Me Loving You (super cute book!)
I Will Love You Anyway

She provided raspberry lemonade and fruit punch for their ‘tea’. The craft for today was making love ‘trees’. Tracing the kiddos hands for the tree & then having them write what they love on the branches. Easy, simple, and a great keepsake to keep for years to come.

The kiddos then played two games, which they all loved! The first game was so simple that I have no idea why I never thought about doing it before. Mrs. J had pink, red, and white heart-shaped balloons with prizes inside {necklaces with little hearts all around}. You had to tie the balloon {very loosely} around their ankles and they had to chase each other around the room and step on the balloons. When you popped the balloon, you won the prize inside. No injuries happened and the kiddos loved it!

The second game was really creative! She had a nerf gun, a headband with two hearts on the top, and a play shield. You had to shoot cupid’s hearts! The nerf gun had six darts, so each kiddo was able to try to shoot cupids hearts six times. This was another really great game the kiddos enjoyed. {Most of this could be bought at the dollar store & if it broke, there wasn’t a ton of money spent.}

There was fun food for the second hour of co-op that included lots of Valentine theme foods!

Giving Back!

Our co-op gave back to our community by making cards for residents at one of our local nursing homes. The kiddos made cards for them, passed them out, and gave them donuts! They all enjoyed it and walked around trying to be the first one to give a resident a card. All the kiddos ended up getting, more(!), candy by the ladies who worked in the nursing home. I would say that it was a good time had by all & the residents’ smiles were definitely worth it! I would encourage you to get your kiddos involved in serving your local nursing home. Something I hope that we can do again and on a regular basis.

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