Update: 52-Week Savings Challenge

So the hubs and I decided to take the 52-Week Savings Challenge Tiffany blogged about here. I really like the idea of having some extra money around the holidays this year, since December 2016 felt like such a budget blowout.

So far, I have to report it has been extremely easy, since we’ve only had to save a grand total of $6 (lol).

But I know it will get increasingly harder, so I decided to get a head start and put money in the jar from furniture I sold on Facebook Marketplace. I’m proud to say we are up to $45 (plus some random change since this used to be our change jar).

Some things we plan to do:

  • Work together.

    If there’s anything we learned from Financial Peace U, it’s that.

  • Keep it in cash.

    I know if I deposit it, it’s not going to go well.  It’s just way too easy to move money from my savings to checking account when my balance gets low.

  • Set due dates.

    I revised Tiffany’s chart to have actual dates on it so I know when I need to have what amount. She left this part open because really, you can start this challenge at any time, but I really do like the idea of ending it around Christmas shopping season. (And knowing that with $45, I’m caught up until March 4 already!!! WOOT!)

Anyone else taking the challenge? Please share your thoughts, worries, ideas in the comments!!!

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