Turkey Brine

Alton Brown is my Food Network hero. I would probably do anything that man told me to do in regards to food. Cover a 3D printed duck in blue chalk and kosher salt before eating it at room temperature? Done. He is a genius. If this were a different time we’d make him a demi-god and hail his every recipe as we sacrificed our sheep for him to roast. None of his recipes have ever been mediocre, and none of his tips have ever steered me wrong.

That being said, let’s talk about turkey. Every year we use his “traditional roast turkey” recipe, and it is always perfect. The brine is quick and easy to make, and while it is a pain to fit a twenty-three pound turkey into a five gallon Home Depot bucket, it can be done, and I promise it’s worth it.

Check it out. Go buy your gallon of vegetable stock and a new bucket and get ready for something amazing.



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