Truthbomb: The Perfectly Imperfect Easter.

I had it all planned out.

I had a new shirt for Teddy, a new dress for me. We would take one of those quintessential family photos, all in coordinating pastels in front of our church’s decorations. (My husband would resist but comply.) I would annoyingly share it on social media, of course, along with photos of Teddy perfectly dressed up for his egg hunt.

I had the candy, the eggs, and some goodies from the dollar store to fill his basket I dug out of storage from his very first Easter.

On Saturday, however, we may have planned a little too ambitiously. We drove to the IKEA in Frisco to get Teddy a “big boy bed” to replace his converted crib.  That equated to 5 total hours in the car, and 2 hours spent wrangling a three-year-old in hedge-maze of a store that is a sensory overload even for adults.

Naturally, Teddy passed out on the car drive home so he was HYPER again as we worked to manage him while moving lots of furniture, assemble the new furniture, and go through toys to try to clear out room for the new furniture.

(Note: NEVER try to get rid of toys in the presence of your child. I should have known better, but did it anyway.)

By evening, we were D.E.A.D.

I passed out in bed shortly after putting Teddy down, forgetting to prepare his basket and hide eggs. Apparently at one point my husband tried to wake me up to ask if we were still going to do those things. Allegedly I sat up, looked at him, muttered incoherently and passed back out.

I have no memory of this whatsoever. Lol.

By morning, we were regretting our life decision to not have kids until our thirties.

Every muscle in our bodies was hurting. My husband was nursing back pain that flares up every time he overdoes it, ever since his herniated disc surgery a few years ago. (Like I said, we felt about a million years old.)

We ended up watching church services on TV like shut-ins, and everyone was in pajamas until noon, despite waking up with the sun and our son at 6 am.

My super amazing husband had stayed up after I passed out to put all the supplies together for Teddy’s Easter basket and stuff and hide all the eggs, so we still got to do that tradition (hello, Love Languages: Acts of Service, YES! #swoon) – despite the fact Teddy was geared in pajamas and Crocs instead of his Sunday best. (AND he didn’t even use his special basket I saved – he used the plastic bucket they gave him at preschool! Oh the inhumanity. Lol.)

But that’s real life, isn’t it?

We all thumb through Instagram thinking everyone’s life is so shiny and perfect, but it’s always SO much more messy than that. The good news is the reality can be every bit as sweet and filled with love if you choose to let it. Love conquers all imperfection, and isn’t that what Easter is all about, anyway?

How was YOUR Easter weekend?

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