Tips for a Budget-Friendly From-Scratch Thanksgiving

If you want a From-Scratch Thanksgiving, start early by selecting the recipes you want to make and put together a master shopping list. If you don’t want to buy it all at once, look for better deals and buy the nonperishables first. If family is coming, don’t be shy and share the load.

We all know who makes the best of pie, or sweet potatoes, or stuffing. Tell them you are on a budget and you appreciate and are thankful they are coming to spend some time with you. You can always remind them of how much you love their signature dish.

When preparing to take the big shopping trip for all your ingredients, save and separate money for shopping – the envelope system is key to stick to the budget. Also be sure to eat before you brave the supermarket (to avoid impulse-buys), and leave the kids at home if you can. If you feel comfortable enough, use the groceries app.

Some recipes can be made ahead of time and frozen. Do it! It will be fine to reduce the stress to a minimum when you are to receive visitors in the house.

What are your tips? What would you add to the list??

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