Time Your Purchases

Do you have a friend who is always gloating about the amazing bargains she found throughout the year? Do you wish you could be that person who somehow knows exactly when to buy everything? With this money hack, you can! Everything has a season for markdowns, either because its real season has just passed, stores need to move merchandise to make room for updated versions, or because it’s just slow season for retailers. Below is a helpful calendar that takes you through the best buying times for everything you could possibly want throughout the year.

January: computers, holiday goods, gift cards, wrapping paper, holiday cards, Christmas decorations, bed linens, towels
February: furniture, washing machines and dryers, wedding items, air conditioners,
March: luggage, digital cameras, golf clubs, frozen foods, boats, winter coats
April: vacuum cleaners, cruise tickets, winter clothing,
May: appliances, gym memberships, spring clothing, cookware and dishes, refrigerators
June: laptops, vacation tickets, tools
July: jewelry, ice cream, summer apparel, picnic and party supplies
August: office supplies, grills, swimming apparel
September: cars, airline tickets, mattresses, bikes, patio furniture
October: toys, jeans, outdoor goods
November: candy, gadgets, televisions, small appliances
December: champagne, athletic gear, wedding dresses

Your Turn: Have you ever gotten a fantastic deal just because it was off-season for that item? Share your success with us in the comments!

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