The “Millennial Grandma” Mom & Embracing Minimalism

I was born in 1981 which places me in the generational gap.  I am the oldest of the Millennials and the youngest of the Gen Xers.  I have tendencies towards both demographics, but when it comes to current trends I lean a little more millennial than X.  My current bandwagon I am driving with horses ablazing is Minimalism.  Here’s my mom journey so far.

If you read my post several months ago about my capsule closet then you know about my downsizing efforts right after baby #2.  That first step is what sparked on the flame.  I took steps afterwards to stay on top of my kids closets and clothes to make sure they didn’t get out of control and that I circulated my hand me downs, my donation clothing, and committed to throwing away what just really needed to be thrown away.  That was the hardest one.

The teenager was pretty easy.  Either if fits or it doesn’t = hand me downs to the cousins or donate.  The toddler was much harder because there are so many clothes!  Lots of hand me downs and hoards of leftovers that I actually DID keep for 10 years from son #1.  So I got down with my bad self and separated, sorted, put up, and donated.  One dresser has his current clothes in them, all his size and wearable.  The chest of drawers has 3T-4T drawer, 5 drawer, 6 drawer and so on.  When something doesn’t fit anymore I get rid of it and move the next size over.  Then I committed to NEVER BUYING THIS CHILD CLOTHES EVER AGAIN!  Because he has enough.

So I started with these first steps in my minimalist journey:

  1. Feel comfortable and satisfied in what I had and what I didn’t.
  2. Commit to only making purchases that were needed and added value to our family’s life.
  3. Make a board in my house with the values I wanted to impart to my family because of these choices.  Examples are “Love It or Leave It”, “Experiences, Not Stuff”, and “Be Purposeful.”  This really help me to read and reread the affirmations daily.

Then we had a major bump in the road that required us to buy another home and move.  But even in all the turmoil this scenario caused, the blessing was in the PURGE!  Say it with me girls, PURGE! PURGE! PURGE!   Oh it felt so good!  I removed old life things, tossed trash, boxed up keepsakes, and brought my home into a decluttered and organized state.  Or it will be when we get it all really completed, because moving takes forever to finish even when you are in it.

This is my ACTUAL purge pile and was taken way before I was done.  There was more added to it.  (Lots more.)

So now I am on the way to being where I want to be.  Minimalism means a lot a different things to different people, but the one thing that makes the biggest difference in my journey is VALUE.  Does it add value?  Does this toy add value to my children’s life?  Do 800 DVDs add value to our family’s life?  Does owning 40 pair of shoes add value to my appearance, or just my ego?  Or my consumer heart?

Our first “Experience, Not Stuff” step was to take the boys to a comic-com for their birthdays.  We did buy them costumes, but Halloween is right around the corner so they will get used them again and we attended for 2 days, took tons of pics, and made many many many more memories than any video game console, book, or toy could have.

Josiah with Negan and Carl from The Walking Dead.  Josiah is a Guitar Hero Avitar.

Benjamin as Miles From Tommorrowland.

My husband in his Steampunk fashioned top hat in the stocks! 

My other millennial trend loves:
1.  Tiny Houses
2.  Beards

My Gen X traits:
1.  Total Work-A-Holic
2.  I listen to Rap & Hip Hop Music

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