Ten Years

Have you ever had a date locked in your mind that felt like it would never come? For a long time, my year was 2007. In my teenage mind, the year 2007 was an eternity away because it was when I would finally graduate high school. To my surprise, 2007 came and went. Who knew? The thing about wishing that time will pass quickly is that you actually get your wish, but only in hindsight.

The year 2008 came quickly and after what would typically be described as a whirlwind romance, I got ENGAGED! Yes, I was 19 years old, and yes, my mother must have had a lot of self-control to let me get married as a teen.

So, for the last few years, “my year” became 2018 when my husband and I would celebrate our ten-year anniversary! What would our kids be like in 2018? Where would we live? Would we be happy?

The past 10 years can be summed up in a word: adventure. I never thought my life would be what it is today, and I feel so fortunate for the blessings that I have been surprised with. I have no secrets to success in marriage or life with kids, because it is a bumpy road, and you just gotta hold on. Although, I might amend that statement to say that it’s a hilly road, with lots of highs and lows. So, do more than hold on; enjoy the adventure.

As I look to the future and think about which year will be “the year” to wonder about, I know one thing for sure, I won’t try to rush it because it will come and go, and now I know how important it is to enjoy the time in between.

But just in case you’re wondering, the year is 2025 when my son will be old enough to drive to the store when I forget to pick up milk… or I am craving a Dr. Pepper.

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