Top 4 Teacher Appreciation Day Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up soon (Tuesday, May 8) and if you are like me, I am always at a loss for what to get my kiddo’s teacher. I am sure teachers receive many mugs and lotions over the years, so I like to try and get something useful. This year, I turned to Facebook and asked a few coworkers in the teachers’ lounge what they would like to receive.

The first response from many was something to this effect, “But really, anything that lets me know the families appreciate the work I do is always loved and appreciated. I did not go into this profession to receive gifts or praise, but praise is greatly appreciated.”

So this is what I learned:

#1 The TOP most loved gift is something personal. A handmade card from a younger student or just a note with a personal message telling the teacher how much they are appreciated!

#2 Gift Cards. You can get a gift card from practically anywhere and not go wrong. Most teachers enjoy a gift card from Mardel’s, Wal-Mart, Target, or to a place they love to visit like the spa.


gift cards

#3 The E-Z Grader. A teacher can never have too many of these


!teacher gifts

#4 Anything. The thought is what counts. Your child’s instructor will love anything that shows that you care.

If you want to keep it cute and Pinterest like check out this free printable!

teacher apprecaition


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