TCCU Backs the Blue

I feel so blessed to be doing something that I love. Fun events, bringing you info about what’s going on in and around our little city, sharing my crazy life and this parenting journey with ya’ll. It’s great! But I’m even more blessed to be supported (personally AND financially) by an amazing group of people over at Texoma Community Credit Union. They’ve been there with dinners and cards after the birth of our youngest son, gracious gifts during our adoption; not to mention the friendships that I have built with so many of the wonderful and caring people on staff. They’re always giving and ever gracious. All that to say, naturally, it didn’t come as any surprise to me when I got an email a few months ago about how they were going to be doing a “Back the Blue” fundraiser.

Our fearless leader, Wayne Mansur, was inspired to host the event while attending an appreciation dinner for Texoma’s first responders back in July. Brainstorming what the TCCU family could do to help support these hometown heroes, our iconic “T” quickly came to mind. In years past, painting the “T” at our Southwest Parkway branch had always been reserved for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October (I know you guys have seen the pink “T”!). It’s become a sort of icon in the community; people often associate it with TCCU before they even think about or know of the services that are offered. It’s seen and simply serves as a reminder that hey, they care. But this seemed like a good reason to add another color to our “T”: BLUE!

And while painting the “T” blue as a show of support was a heartfelt gesture, Mr. Mansur knew he could go one step further. He began the “Back the Blue” campaign, which would benefit both the Wichita Falls Citizen’s Police Academy and the Wichita County Sheriffs Citizens Academy. “We wanted to help more people know the law-enforcement face. We wanted to create a deeper and greater appreciation for our local law-enforcement, especially,” Mansur stated.

Buckets were placed at both office branches and through donations made by staff, members, and even just friends and family, each Academy was given a $700 gift! I’m not only proud of my work family and all their hard work to make this happen, but as the wife of a first repsonder, I am moved by their support and dedication to making Texoma a
“Ready, Independent, Charitable, and Happy” community!


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