Stone Oven Pizza Date Night


Happy couples enjoying date night! Michael & Alex Sholz; Jill and Sam Oldham

Happy couples enjoying date night! From left to right:  Michael & Alex Sholz; Jill & Sam Oldham


Our first ever Texoma With Kids Date Night happened last week, and it was a ton of fun! The amazing guys from Stone Oven Pizza opened up on their normal day off just for us, and we are so glad that they did!


Co-owner Dane Rodriguez giving us the low-down on the evening!

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*Shameless plug: If you haven’t been to Stone Oven (on Midwestern Parkway across from the mall), you are seriously missing out. I can’t get enough of their Stone Oven Special (S.O.S) and Greek pizzas. Last month we may or may not have had it three times in a week. Like I said: shameless.

We had a packed house full of lovely TWK-following couples! Our first date night activity consisted of learning how to “throw dough”; we used wet cloths to start and then were given real dough to make our pizzas with as we progressed to pros! In all honesty, some of us *cough*ME*cough* never progressed to the “professional level and had to have our significant others throw our pizza dough.


Concentration was key!




When the towel hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!


That incredibly handsome guy was the winner of our “dough” throwing contest, and just happens to be my husband! He has skills! Nunchuck skills, dough throwing skills-girls only want guys with skills. And cute butts 😉




This guy was so good he didn’t even need to stand!


Watching the professionals!

The tutorial was followed by a dough throwing contest, and then pizza making! Each couple got to make their own custom pizza, and they were superb! We dug into our pizza amongst giveaways and goody bags; I gave away a handful of TWK shirts, and our lovely sponsors over at Texoma Community Credit Union donated a guy’s gift and a girl’s gift to be given away as door prizes. The awesome guys at Stone Oven pizza were kind enough to go above and beyond with the goody bags they provided; every participant not only got an apron and paper chef hat to use while cooking, but also a very handy pizza cutter AND a $10 gift card to Stone Oven! These guys sure know how to treat ya!



Making pizzas! These two pros were the first to get to create their pizza pie works of art!


Overall I would have to say Date Night was a huge success! A big thank you to Texoma Community Credit Union for sponsoring the event and making it happen, the fabulous Lauren McKechnie for being our photographer for the evening, the staff at Stone Oven pizza for being so accommodating, and of course all of the awesome couples who came out! TWK wouldn’t be a success without its followers and I am glad to have met each one of you!


*Enjoy some pictures of our lovely couples! If you participated and would like to save any of the pictures, please feel free!

**WordPress was not my friend today. I swear all these pictures were lovely and centered when I previewed it.

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