Spring Cleaning: Immediate Gratification Edition

This past weekend, I sent seven 13-gallon trash bags of clothing to Goodwill.

It. Felt. Glorious.

Not necessarily for the altruistic reasons, but I felt like the weight of those bags came directly off my shoulders. (Because I am a woman, my closet still looks full, but at least I have a handy new collection of empty hangers as proof.)

Now I’m here to spread the Gospel: Spring cleaning can be cathartic even if you aren’t really into organizing.

Here are some easy ways to get that feeling:

  • Closet: Anything more than two sizes away from your current size, or that you know you haven’t worn in a year (or three). Shoes that hurt your feet and/or you never wear. Or in my case, shoes that would cost more to repair than you paid for them in the first place.
  • Fridge: Expired condiments. Trust me, you have a lot more than you think you do. Salad dressing does not last forever.
  • Kitchen: Disposable tupperware, souvenir cups. You only need so many. And if they fall on you every time you open a cabinet, you’ve reached that threshold. Trust me, I have gotten along just fine with only one Fuzzy’s Tacos plastic cup to rinse my child’s hair in the tub.
  • Living Room: Ditch the DVDs already. They take up too much space and everything is streaming anyway.
  • Laundry Room: Or at least this is where we keep our household cleaners. Did you know you DON’T actually need four different bottles of mopping solution? (Especially when you don’t even own a mop anymore…) Consolidate. Pour one half-empty bottle into the other if you can. Pass the duplicates off on family members.
  • Actual Cleaning: Crack open your windows on a cool, breezy morning, and spray this on all your fabric surfaces. You’re welcome. Lol.

Now as far as donating vs. selling the stuff that’s not trash, that’s up to you. I learned in Financial Peace University that Dave Ramsey is big on taking the things you already own and selling the ones you don’t need to boost you on your way to getting out of debt. But sometimes you have to think about the value of your time, too. As someone who works full time, my weekends and evenings of family time are pretty precious to me. I really don’t want to spend that time posting things online for sale or horror of horrors, setting up for a garage sale. (Which every time I do, I swear I won’t ever again.) I tend to operate on the $30 rule. If I think I can get at least $30 for something, I will take the time to post it online, respond to people, and arrange pick up. Anything else goes in a blue bin at Goodwill.

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One thought on “Spring Cleaning: Immediate Gratification Edition

  1. SEVEN

    Good tips. I’ll have to take the ones about the laundry room and kitchen home. (Hubby bought a gallon of Italian dressing that we used once and thought was gross, but can’t seem to part with it for some reason…)