Someone Pass Me A Juice Box; This Has Been A Long Night

Blogging… we share tips, talk about family budgets, chore charts, all the things; but one of the most important parts of blogging is simply this: real people relating to real people. Here real parents, relating to real parents.

These last couple of months have been quite the roller coaster ride at The Holley House. For the first time, we decided to foster a sibling set.

Overnight we went from parents of a potty trained, reasonably self-sufficient kid; straight back into the baby AND toddler stage. WOW.

Basically, I have felt like the GIF of Ron Swanson after having watched his girlfriend’s daughters for the day.

Isn’t it crazy that while parenting is the hardest thing most of us have ever done, it’s the most rewarding? We love it. The loud, the crazy; there is so much fulfillment in it. There are nights that I cannot wait for bedtime, only to stick my finger under everyone’s nose an hour later just because I have to know they are all breathing.

Mom, Dad, Step-parent, grand parent, person stepping in to care for children simply from the call in your heart: Let me encourage you today. You are awesome. It’s ok to be tired. To get a babysitter. To take a break.

Truth is, you probably didn’t do everything right today; but if you wake up everyday determined to do your best for your kids, you are doing the most important thing right.

Like a neighborhood, parenthood should be a community. Encouragement should be our norm. You should not feel guilty for saying that you, like Ron, need a break to take a shower or to go eat a steak without taking someone to the bathroom.

Build your village. Your parent “hood”. Let people help you.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas for taking a break:

  • Call in grandparents.
  • Trade babysitting with other parents.
  • Find a Mother’s Morning Out program.
  • Churches offer Parents Night Out Programs
  • Take good people up on their offers to help!! I do not offer to help people when I don’t want to. If they’ve offered, they more than likely meant it.
  • Join a GYM with a kid’s club. Exercise and a break!
  • And my cheapest, no fail plan for alone time: have a set bedtime. This may take some practice and learning; but I can bank on three hours of solid alone time every night. Don’t save every household responsibility for bedtime. Use that time to unwind!

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