Some Thoughts During Quarantine…

Hi all. If this note finds you sheltering in place with your kids; solidarity to you! If you are still working, thank you for doing what you do! I realize everyone can’t until ordered to do so, and that’s ok! If you are needed personal, and won’t even get to if that is put in place, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are big heroes to us!

I’m a stay at home/ work from home anyway, so not much has changed here just keeping all the kids home. My thoughts during quarantine are this:

We may NEVER have this much stoppage time then this. My 7th grader will be out to the world in 5 years and a couple months. The 6th grader right after that. Honestly after this we could all probably do without another world wide pandemic in our lifetime. In that, I’m hoping they feel safe, loved and slowed down enough to realize what they are so blessed to have and enjoy time. Realize how precious it really is.

My heart goes out to these who are effected by the virus. Small business, shop local if you can. Ones missing their loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes that have limited to no visitors. Those saying good bye on this Earth without funerals they had planned. Senior moms, I know this isn’t how you planned to see your child’s last year of school go.

If you can stay in place, if you can! Then we can get back to normal life faster for these be at the very least.

Here are some pictures of our chalk walk. A lot of people use our sidewalks so we had hoped to bring some cheer. It washed with the rain the next day and now we have a chalk shortage in my house. Hoping Walmart will let me add in my next grocery pick up :).

Be well. Be blessed. Love well.

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