Showing Up

Whew. I have to admit I’m not feeling a whole lot of inspiration for my usual Friday post. The truth is I’m just happy to have gotten here at all, and I’m ready for my nap now. (What’s that? It’s on backorder for another 16 years or so?)

Mostly because last Friday I started a marathon that began with a sprained ankle, and a trip to the walk-in (or in my case, limp-in) clinic for foot x-rays. Then of course the next day was a Saturday we’d been planning for MONTHS for all of my in-laws to come up from Austin and take Teddy to Castaway Cove. It was his first ever time there, or at any pool for that matter, and I was NOT going to miss it for the world.

So I went on crutches. THAT was a workout.

Fast forward through company in town and household chores to Monday, when around 11 am the daycare called because Teddy vomited all over nap time.

He was out three days with a high fever and continued stomach issues, so my husband and I took turns taking off from work, then feverishly catching up on work on our days back. Between all the back and forth and irritable, miserable toddler care, and chasing him around limping in pain when he DID feel better, this week has felt like three. But I got through it, and we still made some really precious memories.

I also got told an insane amount of times what a trooper I was by my in laws. Which is reflective of the wonderful people they are, but to be honest seemed overkill.

I was just doing what needed to be done.

But it got me thinking about just how much credit we don’t give ourselves as parents. There’s always a lot of negative back-talk that goes on in your head when raising a kid. Am I letting him watch too much TV? Oh God, the TV is his babysitter! Am I not teaching him enough? Is he eating right? I’m not feeding him enough vegetables!

But just showing up is so underrated.

We each show up for our kids day in, day out. We’re there for milestones and mundane moments. We’re there every time. Allow yourself to feel good about that. When needed, we’re even there to get thrown up on, and that’s what really matters. Haha.

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